More GL Charity Efforts!


On behalf of all in the photo and those that aren’t, a huge thank you for the generous donations from your all.
This event as well as the others we have already done together is typical of this Zusammen Arbeit, that brings great satisfaction to those involved and demonstrates how we are putting our, yours, all donations to good use. Doric members clearly pay out of Doric Ents.
You are all aware now about Schaki and what we are doing for them – But they are Germany wide SHG near to you for sure, whose kids and parents are all in the same boat.
As I have said before, we can plainly see the impact that we are making every time we meet. Everything is DU with the parents, the kids recognise us – perhaps they know that they are going to get sweets and gifts lol…… The parents continue to say that they are almost overwhelmed by the attention and generosity. Its because we have been touched and affected by their plight or life they have for ever and the sheer fact that Kids, babies – unborn babies having strokes is simply unbelievable – WELL IT IS NOW!!!!!
Doric will not stop in its role in this project.
In total 60 were able to make the effort and turn out for the event – 38 Schakis + 1 baby and 20 Dorics + one WM baby.
The Lodge paid the entrance fee for everybody (zoo gave us a great discount), gifts for the kids (Pannini Zoo Sticker Albums and Zoo Drink Becher and for the little ones Stofftiere hand puppets) and obviously waffles and crepes and doughnuts and pop and …. and Glühwein mit schuss to keep the big kids happy.
The GOTU did his bit too, ensuring that the weather was actually very pleasant – although this still causes friendly debate between the Germans and British. i.e. Im in a T-shirt and they are wrapped up……………… you all know what I mean.
Once again a massive thank you to :
Grand Lodge
Rose of Minden
Red Cross of Constantine
WBro Steve Barr – deserves a special mention too.
I would also ask that this thanks be passed onto those in your lodges that have contributed in any way.

Charity — Doric Lodge 886

Doric Lodge and its families, took the kids and families of SCHAKI to watch a play at the Waldbühne in Melle.

Doric Lodge 886 took on all the organisation and of course the costs of this event so that the families could simply enjoy a stress free afternoon. We are very aware that the kids loved it but equally important for us too is that the parents could relax a bit in this mixed and integrated family atmosphere. This is something that they say they lack or miss due to the isolation they face with this issue. No problem for us – we simply treat them all the same as we would any other member of the Doric family. Financial donations are great and help a lot but the physical activity is something that even the state do not offer these families.

We at Doric are determined to promote this charity and at the same time put ourselves in the positive public eye.

We are holding the Doric Summer BBQ next Saturday 6th July at the Deutsche Scholle, where once again we have taken on all the organisation and costs for the entire event and all that attend from the Doric/Schaki family. Any brother and his family are welcome to attend – simply get in touch with us – FB or our webpage

Charity – Phoenix Lodge N° 847 – Donation to the Evangelisches Kinderheim Sonnenhof e.V.

It was a warm and sunny day on June 19th 2019 when our reigning Worshipful Master, WBro Jake Knox carried out one of his last official duties in the chair on behalf of Phoenix Lodge N° 847.

Phoenix had been given a sum of 700€ from the Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany, as a charity initiative instigated by the Grand Master, and tasked with increasing this amount and donating the final sum to a worthy cause, within ‘cable tow’.

The cause chosen was the The Evangelical Children’s Home Sonnenhof, which looks back on a long Christian- humanist tradition. It was founded in 1894 by Alexander Spengler, a pastor of the Lutheran community, who supported distressed children and their parents. In 1906 he opened a children’s home: the Sonnenhof in Berlin- Spandau.

Throughout the masonic year the lodge championed this cause and through donations from the brethren, a donation from our sister lodge Schwarzer Adler at a combined Christmas Festivity and money collected at a very successful Burn’s Supper the entire amount available was increased to a very fruitful 2.500,00€.

WBro Jake received a very warm welcome indeed from the management, staff and room-mates at the home and was treated to a tour of the whole set up including the residential groups in the ‘House Nemo’, the offices, the basement and the garden. The Ev. Kinderheim Sonnenhof e.V., currently has 69 employees, who look after 60 persons between 2-17 years, partly in residential groups and partly as a youth welfare institution.

Here we see Frau Becker, Managing Director and Head of the Children’s Home, thankfully accepting the donation in the form of a symbolic check for the amount of 2.500, – €. This money will be primarily used to build a bicycle shed in the grounds of the area. To date, children and adolescents have had to carry their bikes cumbersomely through the narrow staircase of the house to protect them from theft and the weather in a narrow basement room. Any residual money will be used to refurbish the tired and worn seating in the much-used consultation room.

The brethren of Phoenix and the WM, WBro Jack Knox are very proud of this combined charity achievement and are delighted to have contributed in some small way to improving the lives of others.

Fraternally, WBro Jake Knox

Charity Efforts — Doric Lodge

Find below a message from brethren from Doric Lodge

Please find attached the Newspaper report from the Osnabrücker Zeitung (NOZ) and the photo that accompanied it. The same is expected to appear in the Bissendorfer Kurier and the Oldenburger Zeitung!




SGH Schlaganfall-Kinder