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Call for Papers – Quatuor Coronati

Dear members,

Find below a message from Martin Papenheim, member of Lodge Niederrhein:

Call for Papers

I greet you well. I am pleased to send you a call for papers for the forthcoming conference of Quatuor Coronati Germany in March 2019. The topic will be “British and Anglo-American Freemasonry in the German speaking countries”,  and I really hope that many of the members of our Grand Lodges will participate. There are so many among us (as you!), who know a lot about the history, the structure, the rituals, and the other activities  of this kind of freemasonry.

So please distribute this call for papers, and don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have any brother in mind, who would like to participate and whom I should contact personally.


Martin Papenheim
Deputy Master
Quatuor Coronati Lodge 808 GC, Bayreuth

Documents and Events

Hello members,

I added the installation dates of each lodge for the next 12 months, you can see the information in the Events section. Additionally, you can find the GL regulations and billets from Thistle & Saltire 1040.

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