Reminder: Member’s Area Access

Hello Member of GLBFG,
This message is to remind you that we are keeping a collection of digital documents in our Member’s area. This collection includes —but is not limited to— the GL Regulations, 2018’s yearbook, and some summonses from Lodges within our GL.

You need a password to get to the member’s area. You can request a password via your secretary which in turn should communicate with the Grand Secretary. You will understand this process is a must and any request made directly to the webmaster will be ignored.

I am more than happy to receive requests to put up useful documents and summonses in the Member’s area.



Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master VGLvD

Great News! The reigning Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master of the United Grand Lodges of Germany, Christoph Bosbach and Bernd Brauer, have been nominated unanimously by the Senate to remain in office for a further Term. The Vote will take place at the Konvent in Berlin in October, and I hope all Lodges have registered their representative to vote!