Yara is five years old and has many dreams. Her dreams and long-term goals are that she can support her head, sit, stand, or even run. Dolphin AID can help Yaras spasticity to loosen and build self-belief to help her on her way.

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Dolphin AID is not free nor is it cheap. A 5 figure sum is needed in order to send Yara for therapy along with her closest family.

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As Yara is part of the SCHAKI family she is fully dersiving of this trip as unfortunatly time is against her due to her illness. To that end DORIC lodge has paid for her flight ticket (€500) to Curacao as and when time allows. Flights for the rest of the family amount to €2890, therapy €15000, hotels €4000 plus any other costs.

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Below is an extract from an E-Mail with Marc, (Yaras father pictured above)“…ja, das wird hoffentlich wirklich super. Am Mittwoch kommt Yara endlich aus der Reha nach Hause, 6 Monate gehen zu Ende. Im Mai kommt dann noch die OP an der Hüfte… Wir hoffen sehr, dass die Delfin Therapie so gut ist, wie alle sagen. Das Gute ist: es sagen wirklich alle, die schon mal da waren, dass es richtig gut ist und die Kinder dort in sehr kurzer Zeit einen großen Schritt nach vorne machen….”VIELEN LIEBEN DANK AN EUCH ALLE! 

“… yes, it will hopefully be really great. On Wednesday Yara will finally come home from rehab, 6 months will come to an end. In May, the operation on the hip will come … We very much hope that the dolphin therapy will be so good is, as everyone says. The good thing is: everyone who has already been there really says that it is really good and that the children there take a big step forward in a very short time.

None of these charity donations would have been made possible without the generous donation from Phoenix Lodge 847 in Berlin. Thank you.


Its my pleasuere as Worshipful Master to give you all an update as to what DORIC has been doing while we have not been able to meet in person.

Doric Lodge asked Tanja who is the coordinator for the SCHAKI self-help group in the local Osnabrück region to ask the group what sort of things the families (kids) needed to make their life better. Well, Tanja didn’t disappoint. She gave us a wishlist which made the Charity Steward pull out his hair at the length of it…..HOWEVER, after his marathon sittings in front of the computer ordering and paying, I can safely say his garage resembled something like an Amazon goods warehouse. All wishes were fulfilled. Things included big bean bags to fall into. Office stools which are ergonomic in that it helps the kids sit upright. Plates at an angle so that you only need a spoon to eat with. More swim vests as the first lot were a huge hit. What did amaze me is that there were a few left-hand rulers, one-handed nail clippers (by that mean if you ONLY have one hand you can still use them), one handed scissors (yes, they are a thing, just like the one handed nail clippers if you only have the use of one hand).

There were of course many more items on the list to make lives easier. These have been given out to the families by Tanja over the past week on our behalf. It is SCHAKI and DORICS plan to have a massive get-together once the current climate allows us to.

On Sunday the 23rd of May, there was a little presentation made. Ben recieved his trike and at the same time DORIC slipped in a few banners to “promote” what we as Freemasons do best. Charity.

None of these charity donations would have been made possible without the donation of €6000 from Phoenix Lodge 847 in Berlin. They donated the money with the remit that we use it exclusively for SCHAKI. We are very grateful for the donation.